Our Mission

Wonderful Sitters, Wonderful Service!

At Wondersitter we strive to be the very best at two things, providing Wonderful Sitters and Wonderful Service to our Wonderful Families.


Our Values

We believe... great childcare is one of the most important decisions a family will make.

We believe... the relationships we build with our families is a privilege.
We believe... finding great childcare should not be stressful, but a WONDERFUL sense of relief.
We believe... childcare is a very important service built on caring, trust and reliability.
We believe... Wondersitter provides an indispensable service to our communities.  We are the trusted, caring and reliable family who cares for our most precious gifts, our children.


A world where Wonderful service is a given, not the exception, where WONDERFUL starts with individual pride and a sense of integrity.  A world where we bring WONDERFUL to our families.

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