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Is Wondersitter right for our family?

Wondersitter is an on-call child care agency designed for parents in need of last minute childcare.  As a small organization our families often get to know us and the babysitters we represent personally.  When you work with Wondersitter you are part of a larger community.


How is Wondersitter different from other childcare services?

Unlike other child care agencies, Wondersitter takes pride in knowing each of our sitters and families personally.  We work hard to develop a sense of community throughout our organization.  Our personal commitment and high standards ensure a peace of mind common only among family.


Who are Wondersitters and what are their qualifications?

Most Wondersitters are college students often working toward a degree in child care or nursing. However, some Wondersitters are child care, medical professionals or mothers with years of experience raising their own children. When you hire a Wondersitter you can be sure you have hired only the best child care givers. All Wondersitters have gone through our extensive application process that includes:

  1.  in-person interviews
  2. professionally developed sitter qualification rating system
  3.  multiple reference checks
  4.  background checks including:
  •  identity check
  •  a local and national criminal background check
  •  a national sex offenders check

It is our top priority to protect your children and your home.  We take every measure possible to help ensure your family's safety.


How can Wondersitter save me time?

Experienced families know qualifying and coordinating child care takes a lot of time.  As an on-call child care service Wondersitter saves families time.  With one phone call or quick email Wondersitter eliminates hours of leg work.  We personally interview candidates, do reference and background checks as well as schedule and coordinate all child care placement.


How do I request a Wondersitter?

Requesting a Wondersitter is easy.  Simply register, make a request and check your email or profile for confirmation.  It's that easy.


How can I request the same sitter for multiple dates?

Families always have the option of requesting their preferred sitters.  At Wondersitter we do our best to provide the same sitter for multiple dates.  However, Wondersitter is not a placement service.  Often the sitters we represent do not have regular availability.  Many clients have found that the most reliable way to book consistent sitters is to form relationships with a pool of sitters.  Having relationships with multiple sitters helps ensure a familiar sitter is available when you need them.  All Wondersitter are Wonderful.


What is the best way to ensure that I will get a sitter, especially on a popular day?

The more flexible you can be with your request, the better.  By being open to any available sitter rather than limiting requests to favorite sitters increases your chances of booking a sitter.  Remember all Wondersitter are Wonderful!


How do I pay my Wondersitter?

All Wondersitters are paid through our direct payment system. When you make a Request, you will be asked to put a credit card on file.  As soon as a Wondersitter has accepted your Request, your credit card will be charged for the booking fee and the Wondersitter's hourly rate. 


Is tipping customary?

Yes, however please do not feel obligated.  Tip at your personal discretion. Tips can be paid to your Wondersitter by your choice of 3 ways:

  1. Tell your Wondersitter at the end of the job.  Your tip will be added to your Wondersitter's job report, applied to her total payment and your card will be charged for the tip.
  2. Email booking@wondersitter.com and we are happy to add a tip to any Request.
  3. Give your Wondersitter cash or a check.


What is the booking fee?

Once your sitter is confirmed, Wondersitter will charge your credit card a $15.00 booking fee per request.  Wondersitter also offers multiple discount options for regular clients.


What happens if my sitter/child becomes sick and cancels/we have to cancel? Will I be charged?

In the event a sitter gets sick and cancels, we do not always have a replacement sitter. We promise to do our best to find a replacement for you.

Sickness and emergency situations are uncontrollable, therefore we do not charge for canceled jobs resulting from sickness or emergency. In the event you have a sick child please notify us immediately. We do take care of sick children for a higher hourly rate. If you know your child is sick when you input your Request, please make sure to indicate that in your Request.


What is the cancellation policy?

Wondersitter has a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Should you need to cancel within the 24 hour period please text 415 562 6067.  There is a 4 hour minimum charge, plus the booking fee charge, for non-emergency and non-sickness related cancellations.


What should I do if my sitter doesn't show?

Please text 415 562 6067.


Do I need to pay for transportation?

No.  It is every Wondersitter's responsibility to get to and from confirmed jobs.


What if I am going to be late relieving the sitter?

In the event you foresee a late return, please call your Wondersitter immediately.  Many Wondersitters maintain tight schedules and may be booked for another appointment immediately following yours.  Your credit card on file will be charged for any overages.


How do I become a Wondersitter?

Please apply with us at www.wondersitter.com/apply-now.  A Wondersitter representative will contact you shortly.


What are we looking for in a Wondersitter?

Wondersitters are our family.  As a part of the Wondersitter family all Wondersitters must have experience, professionalism, competence, flexibility and integrity.  Sitters must be competent in: feeding, light meal preparation, bathing, interacting with children, bedtime and of course play.

Do I have to work a certain number of hours a week to stay with Wondersitter?

No, that is the beauty of Wondersitter.  You can work as little or as much as you like.  Of course the more you work the more you will be requested.  In addition, the more jobs a Wondersitter works the more job choices you will have.  Wondersitter was designed for sitters who want to work in child care but cannot always commit to regular hours.  Wondersitters make their own schedules and therefore are their own bosses.

Am I an employee of Wondersitter?

No, all Wondersitters are independent contractors.  We simply help you find child care jobs with wonderful families.

How much will I be paid per job?

Please refer to our 'Rates and Policies' page for hourly rates.  Hourly rates change based on the city, number of children, day of the week and length of time.

If I work 3 hours, am I still paid for 4 hours?

Yes, because of the 4 hour minimum you are always insured at least 4 hours of pay per job unless there are special circumstances.

How do I get paid?

Wondersitters are paid through our direct pay system.  All Wondersitter accounts have easy online tools to keep track of and manage your payments.


What if I need to cancel a job?

As a Wondersitter your commitment to confirmed jobs is very important to the success of the entire Wondersitter family.  We respect our clients need for reliability and in turn we depend on reliable sitters.  Canceling jobs at the last minute is not a good reflection of our mantra, Wonderful Sitters, Wonderful Service. Of course in the event of sickness or emergency cancellations are often unavoidable.  Please contact Wondersitter at 415.912.8300 as soon as you learn you have a need to cancel a confirmed appointment.  We will do our very best to find the family a new Wondersitter.  Remember all Wondersitters are Wonderful!

 What is the cancellation policy for clients?

All cancellations must be made within 24 hours of a scheduled job to avoid a 4 hour fee.

What if I show up to a job where the child(ren) is/are sick?

Clients should inform Wondersitter when making the Request if their children are sick and you should know in advance. If you were unaware that the children were sick and you feel uncomfortable watching sick children, please call us right away.  Otherwise please inform the parents that we have a 'Sick Rate' for the care of sick children and be sure to check the "Children are sick" box when you make your end of job hours report. Contact us if you have any concerns or problems.
Will I be compensated for a family that cancels within 24 hours?  Will I be charged should I become ill and have to cancel last minute?
If a family or you become sick, or there is a last minute emergency, there is no compensation for either party.

How do I get jobs?

Once you become a Wondersitter you will automatically be placed on 'The List.'  All Wondersitters receive a daily listing of available jobs.

Are all jobs in private homes?

No, we also service hotels, business and other organizations.

How do I get to and from each job and where should I park if I have a car?

It is each Wondersitters responsibility to get to and from scheduled jobs.  If you need parking, you must alert us ahead of time so we can make arrangements with the client.  Once a job has been scheduled we cannot make additional arrangements.

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