Why Wondersitter - We Love What We Do!

"As Wondersitters we LOVE what we do!  We aspire to be role models, a voice of support, or sometimes even a shoulder to cry on.  We play, we skip, we laugh side by side with the wonderful ones we care for.  We treasure their unique qualities... each and every one.  As caregivers we know our responsibility is a privilege.  Every day we let our hearts be our guide, ensuring every Wondersitter is uniquely qualified for the needs of the families we serve."

- The Wondersitter Family


We Believe...

Great childcare is one of the most important decisions a family will make.

  • The relationships we build with our families is a privilege.
  • Finding great childcare should not be stressful, but a WONDERFUL sense of relief.
  • Childcare is a very important service built on caring, trust and reliability.
  • Wondersitters provide an indispensable service to our communities.  They are the trusted, caring and reliable person who cares for our most precious gifts, our children.


We Promise

Every Wondersitter is WONDERFUL!

  • Every Wondersitter has passed our stringent 8 Step Vetting Process.
  • We recognize our job is a privilege.
  • We love your children and respect your home.
  • Wondersitters provide an indispensable service to our communities.  We are the trusted, caring and reliable people who care for your most precious gifts, your children and your home.

Wonderful Guaranteed!

Wondersitter maintains the absolute highest standards when recruiting future babysitters. Our dedication to excellence in child care is second to none.  We GUARANTEE a WONDERFUL babysitter each and everytime!  


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